Welcome to the Website

This site has been designed with you, the patient, in mind.  Its aims are to:

  • Give you the opportunity to make suggestions on topics concerning the way the surgery operates.
  • Provide explanations of why certain things are done in a particular manner.
  • Encourage visitors (i.e. registered Crawley Down patients) to share in discussions that arise from items as they are posted.
  • Offer people the ability to subscribe to the site so they can be notified every time the site is updated by us or commented on by others.
  • Give the PPG’s the ability to generate their own newsletters from it to distribute to those not PC orientated.
  • Provide information on the latest services the practice is offering like, say, immunization programmes.
  • Be a source of up to date news on health matters both on a local and national basis.
  • Provide links to other health orientated websites which may help provide answers to questions that you might have.

This will hopefully create a much more dynamic experience for you and, of course, impose on us the duty to keep the information flowing and therefore appear to be much more vital to you.

Peter Dodds and Glynn Roche (Co-Chairs of The Friends of Crawley Down Health Centre)

Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

Latest minutes are here: CDHC PPG Meeting 2nd April 2019 (meeting number 42)

We have also caught up publishing the minutes of previous meetings. See here for all previous minutes.

Unsolicited calls offering Free NHS Health Checks

The surgery have been in touch to let me know that some patients have been receiving calls from a company called Healthy Extras who are calling people up and and offering patients free NHS Health Checks at a pharmacy close to where they live.

They have asked me to let you know that these calls are not being initiated by the surgery and the surgery have not provided any information to this firm.

I think that if you do get a call from Healthy Extras (or any other such organisation) you can be sure the information has not come from the surgery and; a) you might want to ask them how they got your details, and b) be very careful confirming anything or providing your own personal information. 


At Last! Newsletter No. 11

After a bit of a pause we have published edition 11 of the newsletter.

As before, it contains lots of useful information and some more details from Dr. Jefferies on the new Modality Partnership that the practice is now part of.

There is also one errata – the date of the AGM – which has had to be moved for practical reasons and is now taking place at 1830 on 2nd July.

The printed version is is being distributed around the surgery’s catchment area and available in the surgery reception and online here. Additional printed copies are available just let me know.

Glynn Roche


New! Prevention of Falls Classes

Mid Sussex Wellbalanced are running classes on the Prevention of Falls at the Haven Centre every Tuesday from 4 th June from 1230 to 1330.

To attend, it is necessary to get a referral from your GP or a health professional.  For further details, check their website http://midsussexwellbalanced.online/

Presentation at the Crawley Down Monday Club this Monday 13th May

Caroline Custard has asked me to share the following information.

There will be a presentation at the Luncheon Club this Monday 13th May by Appetito, a supplier of ready made meals. This will take place at the Haven Centre. Arrive at 1.30. Tea and coffee will be provided.

CDHC PPG Meeting 2nd April 2019 (meeting number 42)

Please click here to read the minutes: 20190402 CDHC PPG Minutes – Meeting 42 FINAL V02

This document is a PDF file which requires PDF reader software to be read.  Adobe Reader is a free program for this purpose and can be downloaded and installed here

Important announcement from the surgery partners

We have been asked by the partners to share the following important announcement about the surgery and steps that are being taken to assure continued and improving GP healthcare to our community:


We are pleased to share that we will be joining with other local GP practices to form the Mid-Sussex division of a national GP group called the Modality Partnership.  This will take effect from 1 April 2019. The local practices that have decided to come together includes Crawley Down Health Centre, Judges Close Surgery, Park View Health Partnership and Ship Street Surgery.

Modality Partnership share our vision and commitment to NHS values and to provide high quality services for our patients. 

If you would like to know more, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions document.  It is also available in the waiting room area or just ask one of our reception staff.  You are also welcome to speak with or leave a message for the Practice Manager.

Dr Jefferies, Dr Osoba

As explained in the FAQs, we do not expect this organisational development to change your healthcare or experiences with the surgery and over time this should result in more appointments being available. Please do engage with the surgery if you have any concerns or with us if you prefer.

Glynn Roche

CDHC PPG Meeting 5th February 2019 (meeting number 41)

Please click here to read the minutes: 20190205 CDHC PPG Minutes – Meeting 41 FINAL

This document is a PDF file which requires PDF reader software to be read.  Adobe Reader is a free program for this purpose and can be downloaded and installed here

CDHC PPG Meeting 4th December 2018 (meeting number 40)

Please click here to read the minutes: 20181204 CDHC PPG Minutes – Meeting 40 FINAL

This document is a PDF file which requires PDF reader software to be read.  Adobe Reader is a free program for this purpose and can be downloaded and installed here

Invitation: Coffee Morning – This Saturday – 24th November