CDHC PPG Meeting 12th August 2013

Please click to read the minutes:  CDHC PPG Minutes 12th August 2013

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5 comments to CDHC PPG Meeting 12th August 2013

  • ,Under section 10 of the committee minutes of the 12th August you state that a portion of all available appointments will be allocated to online applications, with the remainder being given to phone appointment requests.
    I take it as read that the phone allocation will also include personal bookings at reception, but will access to the on-line quota be available should they not be taken up,ie is their a cut off time for online applications before they are released to all-comers?

    • Nicky May (Crawley Down Health Centre)

      All the appointments that are available on the online system are simultaneously available to patients that choose to book at the front desk or via the telephone.

  • Thanks for clarifying that Nicky.

  • Jill Yates

    Being able to book appointments on line will be wonderful, when do you expect this to go ‘live’ and how will we be able to access this service?
    I think that this website is great, many thanks for setting it up and giving us the chance to be interactive.

    • Glynn Roche


      It is now up and running. You can book and cancel appointments and order repeat prescriptions online. Details are on the main practice web page at

      If you wish to register for this service, please provide the surgery with your email address, either via reception or by emailing [email protected] and they will provide you with an activation code, which will allow you to create your login and password for this service.

      When you have these details you can access the system via this link:

      As a note of guidance, it is still just fine to call reception to make appointments and this is worth doing anyway if you cannot find what you need online.

      If you have any other issues with the service it is also best to contact reception.