Confused About The New NHS Structure?

Read this simplified explanation

The Government wants the New NHS to deliver better results by giving patients more choice and doctors and nurses more freedom to shape services that meet patients’ needs.

There are three main elements involved as follows:

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Their responsibility is to work with patients and healthcare professionals and in partnership with local communities and authorities (in our case Horsham and Mid Sussex). They will be responsible for arranging emergency and urgent care services and for commissioning services for patients who live in their area.

All GP practices will have to belong to the CCG and our practice representative is currently Dr Daniel Jefferies.

Commissioning Patient Reference Group (CPRG)

The purpose of this group is to enable patients from their locality, (in our case Horsham and Mid Sussex), to make an effective contribution to the prioritisation, design, planning and commissioning of health services within the CCG.

The CRPG will play a vital role in helping the CCG collect and make effective use of the views, insights and experiences of its patient population and carers.

One lay member from each of the 23 GP practices in Horsham and Mid Sussex will represent their practice on the CPRG.  Mr Peter Dodds is the current representative for our practice.

Patients Participation Group (PPG)

Our group, now called the Friends of the Crawley Down Health Centre (PPG), has been set up to provide contact between the practice and its patient and carer population.

We offer a forum for patients to offer constructive suggestions about the services provided by the practice and the health care of its patients.  All comments and suggestions will be passed to the health centre management to assist them in the effective and efficient running of the practice.   


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