Welcome to the Website

This site has been designed with you, the patient, in mind.  Its aims are to:

  • Give you the opportunity to make suggestions on topics concerning the way the surgery operates.
  • Provide explanations of why certain things are done in a particular manner.
  • Encourage visitors (i.e. registered Crawley Down patients) to share in discussions that arise from items as they are posted.
  • Offer people the ability to subscribe to the site so they can be notified every time the site is updated by us or commented on by others.
  • Give the PPG’s the ability to generate their own newsletters from it to distribute to those not PC orientated.
  • Provide information on the latest services the practice is offering like, say, immunization programmes.
  • Be a source of up to date news on health matters both on a local and national basis.
  • Provide links to other health orientated websites which may help provide answers to questions that you might have.

This will hopefully create a much more dynamic experience for you and, of course, impose on us the duty to keep the information flowing and therefore appear to be much more vital to you.

Glynn Roche (Co-Chair of The Friends of Crawley Down Health Centre)

10 comments to Welcome to the Website

  • David Dawson

    I logged onto the new appointment booking tool – seemed good and easy to use

    However putting in a request for a 10 minute appointment, any doctor any time slot in the next 7 days came up with zero available slots

    A nice booking tool doesn’t make up for a hopelessly overcommitted practice

    As a family, we’d already adopted a policy of never seeing a doctor for anything that isn’t really urgent.
    We’ve got away with that so far, but I think I will now bite the bullet and find another practice somewhere than can provide at least a tolerable service

    • Glynn Roche


      Thank you for taking the time to post this feedback.

      Appointments are a big challenge for this and many other practices in the region. There has been a lot of feedback in the practice surveys and is something we, as a PPG, hear a lot about.

      The online booking system is very new and is settling in. We will pass your comments to the practice team in case there may be a technical or process issue that led to your experience. More likely it is a capacity issue in the timeframe you were looking. This can result from Doctors being unavailable owing to holidays and essential training through to Peak health demands consuming every available slot.

      Knowing this can happen, the practice does set aside appointments every day for urgent issues and these are available only over the phone and the triage process in the mornings help to ensure that urgent needs are addressed on the same day.

      Neither we, nor the doctors, would ever want to lose you and your family as patients and I can assure you that we and they are constantly looking for ways to deliver the best for the patient community. We would encourage and look closely at any ideas that people have to achieve this.

  • Nicky May (Crawley Down Health Centre)


    The online system is very new and currently only caters for routine GP appointments. This is usually for follow up appointments that you know are needed in advance and for patients that need regular review or possibly an issue you have had for a while that can wait a couple of weeks.
    If a matter is urgent we do offer a triage system in which you will be offered advice over the phone by a nurse/GP or an appointment if necessary that day.
    We have a couple of articles on this site regarding triage should you wish to view them:

    Unfortunately every surgery locally is under the same restraints and there was an article in the paper regarding this a few weeks back.


    In time we would like to be able to offer other types of appointments online, other than just routine GP appointments. However at this time, to book these appointments you would need to phone the surgery.

    I agree with Glynn when he says we do hope that we do not lose you and your family as patients at our surgery and we are always striving to achieve a better service for our patients.

  • Christine Earwaker

    Great web site, very informative. Keep up good work

    Appointments seem to be the bug bear of most surgeries, trying to manage demand vs availability but have found that practice has always found a space when I have needed to be seen urgently.

    My advice is to talk to the reception team they are always very understanding

  • Glynn Roche

    On behalf of the committee and the surgery, thank you Christine for your support and for sharing your experience.

  • Having now had the opportunity to use both the online Doctors appointment and the prescription ordering system, I would like to applaud all the ‘behind the scenes work’ that has gone into making this possible.

    In particular I was surprised to note that there currently 10 ways that a patient can receive their repeat prescription. Perhaps one day the prescription will be able to be sent to the East Grinstead branch of Sainsbury’s and delivered with my weekly grocery order.

    What next I ask myself?..Perhaps a virtual consultation with the Triage nurse, using the medium of Skype.

  • As a member of the founding body of the ‘Friends of the Crawley Down Health Centre’ I would like to congratulate both Peter Dodds, Glynn Roche and the rest of the committee, for all the hard work and effort that has gone into producing the first edition of the Health Centre News letter.

    I sincerely hope that all patients both support and get involved in this initiative, which after all was started for the benifit of YOU, the patients of The Crawley Down Health Centre.

    Mike Ford

  • Stan Tofield

    Do we publish anywhere the appointment waiting time performance ?
    The last two appointments that I have made were “any time / any day / any doctor” requests and on both occasions resulted in a month’s wait before I could be seen.

    • Peter Dodds

      Dear Stan,

      We don’t have access to that information but I know from past queries on this subject that the surgery can look up the available appointments at any given time. With on line booking one can, of course, do exactly the same for oneself but whether the surgery do track this over a period of time I don’t know. I will pass the query on to them and post any response I get.