Chaperone Guidance at Crawley Down Health Centre

The use of chaperones for intimate examinations is frequently encountered in hospital settings.  By “intimate”, this could mean Breast; Pelvic; Rectal examinations and Cervical smears.

Traditionally, chaperones are less frequently encountered in General Practice.  We do believe however that every patient (and Doctor) has a right to a chaperone if requested and we would not perform an examination if a chaperone has been requested and one is not available.

If you know you could be having an intimate examination, you may like to ask a friend or relative to act as a chaperone.  If no such person is available, please inform reception of your wish at the time of booking your appointment, and a mutually convenient time will then be organised.  If, during a consultation, an intimate examination becomes necessary and you would like a chaperone to be in attendance, please discuss directly with the Doctor (the examination may need to be delayed until your next appointment if a chaperone is unavailable).

Key Messages

  • Crawley Down Health Centre supports the use of chaperones
  • You may like to ask a friend or relative to act as a chaperone for you

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