On-Line Appointment Booking is on the Way

Book your appointments online

We are introducing a new service called Vision Online Services (VOS).  This will let you interact with our practice using the internet at your convenience, to book appointments and order your repeat prescriptions, even when we are closed.

You will need to register with the practice to access this service, and once registered you will be given information that will enable you to create your username and password.

If you are interested in this service, please complete a form at reception.  We will contact you in the near future with details of how to register.

2 comments to On-Line Appointment Booking is on the Way

  • Shaune Watkins

    Would have liked to have been able to use the on line system to book an appointment for myself with a GP, unfortunately because I have a long standing appointment with the nurse for a blood test the system will not let me have any more appointments. My husband has to have monthly blood tests, does this mean he will never be able to access an on line GP appointment because the system says you have all the appointments you are entitled too? I don’t think having an appointment for a blood test should disqualify you from being able to book a GP appointment on line.

    • Glynn Roche


      The system does appear to work that way at the moment. I have hit this issue myself before.

      I will ask the surgery if there are plans to change this.

      This does not mean you cannot have more than one appointment, just that any additional appointments would need to be made via the surgery reception team.