The Dispensing Doctors Association are to submit a briefing paper to the Autumn Party Conferences

This is a topic for those of you interested in how the Dispensing Doctors Association (DDA) strives to look after the interests of a dispensing surgery, like ours and in turn, you the patient.

Because the surgery is located in what is called ‘a controlled area’, which really means a rural or semi-rural one, it may, if it meets the necessary NHS criteria also dispense medication to its patients as ours does.  Most such ‘dispensing surgeries’ are members of the DDA and recently they announced that they were distributing a new conference briefing paper, which alerts MPs, MSPs and AMs to perverse incentives in the current reimbursement system for dispensing practices, and the risk this could present to patient care.

It calls for funding systems for rural GPs to change so that medicine supply remains safe and is sustainable, the briefing paper states: “Perverse incentives in the medicine reimbursement system cannot be allowed to compromise rural patient care. The current system must be improved – and urgently”.

If you click on this link it will take you to the DDA website and the article in question at the bottom of which you will also see a comment I have posted, personally, on the subject.  If you then click on briefing paper, in the article itself,  it will also take you to the paper highlighted in blue above.


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