CDHC PPG Meeting 7th October 2013

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5 comments to CDHC PPG Meeting 7th October 2013

  • I was interested to read the minutes of your committee meeting dated 7th October and in particular item 4 New:- Website progress report.
    In this report it is stated that when googling, it takes up to page 70 before any mention is found.

    However, if you google CDHCPPG then the website and the most recent posts appear immediately.

    I hope that this is of use to your members.

  • Wooop’s

    Forgot to mention, access is also gained by Googling:-

    • Glynn Roche


      We are trying to gauge our progress on two fronts:

      1. Where people know that we exist as a group, are we easy to find? So if I google “Friends of Crawley Down Health Centre” do we show up in the search results and not something else that is less appropriate.

      2. Where people do not know about us at all and might google “Patient Participation Group” without any further information. This is an extreme test but we would like to be as high as possible in the search results so that we are then visible even for people that want to find us.

      The indications are that we are doing very well on the 1st test but not so well on the 2nd as there are hundreds of Patient Participation Groups with much higher rankings. This might be down to their website maturity compared to ours but it could also be that other factors are limiting our visibility.

      By periodically running these tests we can see if we are making progress.

      We will keep reporting this over time. As it happens, I just ran the test and we still have the same results.

  • Hi Glynn.

    I would be surprised if anyone would type “Patients Participation Group” as it would be far to vague and not ‘Health Centre’ specific. I would have thought that a prefix would naturally be added.

    As you know we live in a world full of acronyms and are therefore more likely to type in PPG rather than the full spelling.

    The interesting thing is that the most effective and comprehensive Google is…friendsofcdhc, followed by cdhcppg and in third position cdhcfriends.(in all cases the 12th August minutes were highlighted)

    As I have previously mentioned I find the TV screen publicity for the ‘Friends of’ to be typed in far to small a font, with the wrong background colour (blue), too ‘wordy’ and not on screen long enough before a change of topic appears.

    Perhaps the ‘rolling electronic information board’ could be emptied and for a trial period show only, for example “We now have our own patient group so Google friendsofcdhc for further information”


    • Glynn Roche


      It is is interesting you say that as, for me, when I search for “Patients Participation Group” in google it only presents medically orientated groups such as this one. Searching for “PPG” produces what looks like random results across many subject areas until you get to the 4th or 5th page.

      It might not be too important in the scheme of things but Google does progressively move sites up the rankings if they are well set up and well used. I think it might be interesting to see how we do over time.

      We will look into your thoughts on the information screens and work to understand what the options might be.