Blue Badge Parking coming to Crawley Down shopping parade

Mike Ford tells us that plans are well in hand with Worth Parish Council for the provision of disabled parking bays at the village shopping parade in Crawley Down.

It has been proposed that these bays be located outside the shops in Old Station Close.  Mike promises further updates will follow.

8 comments to Blue Badge Parking coming to Crawley Down shopping parade

  • Clive Wedmore

    Well done Mike, its about time.

    I live in Iurners Hill and have always found it difficult to park in Crawley Down, especially at the weekend.
    The angled parking bays in Old Station Close would be ideal, as it would enable me to unload my wife’s wheel chair easier than if my car was parked in the ‘nose to tail bays’ in Station Road.

  • Hi Clive I hope this message reaches you as the return element of the ‘Friends of’ website is a bit confusing.

    I am pleased to read your comment and to learn that my proposal to Worth Parish Council for dedicated Blue Badge parking bays will be of benefit to you wife, especially as they will be close to both the village pharmacy and the rest of the shopping parade.

    I hope that all other Blue Badge holders will equally support this initiative.


    • Glynn Roche


      The “return element” as you call it operates exactly as you have used it. Simply clicking the “Please feel free to Comment or Reply” link at the top of each item will create an indented response below the comment.

      The only situation where a “reply” might not get through is if it, in our view, contains inappropriate content such as advertising, abuse etc or if it would compromise privacy.

  • Thanks for your comment Clive.
    It was not until my mother in law paid a visit, that I noticed that there were no dedicated parking bays in the village.
    During a conversation I had with the Clerk to the Parish Counci,l I was assured that this matter would be resolved as soon as possible.

  • John Gregory

    Hi,I just hope folks respect the blue badge bays a bit more than they do at Supermarkets etc.Somehow I doubt it.perhaps we could get our local (invisible) police support officer to keep an eye on it.I will not be holding my breathe.
    Regards,John Gregory.
    PS Sorry for being cynical but my remarks are made through bad experiences.

  • Glynn Roche

    Thanks everyone for the posts and comments here.

    I just wanted to advise that this thread is not intended to gather support for the Blue Badge spaces as that is outside the Terms of Reference of this patient participation group.

    If you would like to add encouragement it would be best to contact the clerk of Worth Parish Council directly. They have a web site at with contact details etc.


  • Glynn.

    At no stage was I seeking support for this initiative so thanks for adding the Worth Parish Council email address to your reply.

    However, it would appear that by adding the line “Please feel free to Comment or Reply” to every posting actually encourages readers to add their thoughts/support if they feel the need.

    Equally, I am sure that both yourself and the committee are delighted that the readership of your posting/comments section is increasing.


  • Glynn Roche

    Thanks Mike