March 2014 NAPP E-Bulletin

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NAPP Ebulletin MARCH 2014

2 comments to March 2014 NAPP E-Bulletin

  • John M Killick

    When the “new” Health Centre was built the Government of the the day said “it was the intention that GP’s carried out minor surgical procedures in-house”. That’s why, as I understand, the Health Centre was built so large. Is there any evidence of this happening?
    John Killick.

    • Peter Dodds

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment which engages a subject close to my heart!
      Do you remember or see this article which I put up on the website in October last year?
      The article caused a bit of a stir at the CCG, so I gather, and I know that there have been meetings at a high level to try and better utilise ours and other premises throughout the county. The doctors at the Health Centre are just as frustrated as you are, have made their feeling known to the CCG but, as they are just tenants and not owners of the building, have no power to do anything thing themselves.
      If I hear anything more I will let you know.