Message from the Practice Manager

I would like to inform you that

  • Dr Lesley Croucher is retiring on 1/8/2014.  We all wish her a long and happy retirement and she will be sorely missed.
  • Dr Maysoon Mohammad has taken a partnership at a practice in Crawley and will be leaving us on the 9/4/2014.
  • Dr Jackie Kanga is expecting twins and will be taking maternity leave from 2/6/2014.

The Friends of CDHC would like to add their good wishes to Dr Croucher for a long and happy retirement and add our appreciation of how much her invaluable service has contributed to the wellbeing of the community over the years.  As soon as the Friends of CDHC learn of replacements we will let you know.

4 comments to Message from the Practice Manager

  • Carol apps

    We are going to be 3 doctors short and more people moving into Crawley down how are you going to cope.

  • Carol apps

    How are you going to cope with 3doctors short and village growing

    • Peter Dodds

      Dear Carol,

      Thank you for your comment which I’m sure is on the lips of many patients.

      We had already raised the point with surgery and as soon as we have any news we will report back.


  • Peter Dodds

    This subject was raised with the practice at our committee meeting with them on 15th April. They assured us they were actively recruiting for replacement doctors and that they are now back up to target level requirements regarding nursing staff.

    We will keep you posted.