General Practice in Crisis – A File on 4 Radio Broadcast 27th May 2014

Set aside some time and listen to this alarming and informative 38 minute ‘ File on 4’ broadcast dealing with all the problems currently facing General Practice in the UK.

It explains the financial problems and all the logistics, especially why the pressure on appointments is increasing nationwide while practices wrestle to try  and maintain the service we enjoyed  in the past. You will hear that a 7 year programme of government funding cutbacks and financial reorganisation is leading to a 25% loss in revenue for practices over a 10 year period.  The axing of a doctor at a surgery can be the only way to balance the books for some practices.

The Department of Health (i.e. the government body) refused to contribute to the programme and referred the programme makers to NHS England. Buck passing is rife whilst meantime the overall NHS budget spend on primary care (i.e. GPs) has dropped from 10% to 7.5% over the last 10 years – and yet the politicians expect GP practices to provide increased services.

One area which could help a practice like ours gain a little more income would be if the ridiculous pharmacy dispensing rule was abolished (see my article on the website)

Click below to listen to the programme which is currently on Iplayer:

Peter Dodds

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