Annual Meeting

The Friends Of Crawley Down Health Centre has, since it began in 2012, had provisions for an Annual Meeting of the Committee where we look back over the year and forward to next as well presenting the accounts etc.

The meeting, as conceived, is open to the Committee and not an Open meeting. ┬áThis year’s meeting is this week on Tuesday 10th, at 1830 and has been advertised in the surgery per the constitution.

We would like to ask here if you think future Annual Meetings should be Open and, if they were, whether you would be willing to attend?  Please do let us know and feel free to post comments below or contact us directly.

Thank you

Glynn Roche & Peter Dodds (Co-Chairs).

8 comments to Annual Meeting

  • Hi Glynn.

    For some reason todays exchange of posts and comments have appeared under the heading:
    “Glynn Roche on more information on our new Doctors”

    Perhaps the relevant points could be transcribed onto the Annual Meeting post.


  • Glynn Roche

    Hi Mike

    There is no mechanism for moving comments around. This is designed into the system to protect the people posting comments from having their contributions grafted onto other messages and possibly losing context..

  • Marion Welchman

    Yes I would attend if it were open.Perhaps many others would to and that would surely raise the profile of the group.

  • Carole Steggles

    Annual General Meeting should be open, this enables all patients to partiscipate. Every patient that ‘signs up’ to receiving emails can respond in a free and democratic way. Only by opening the AGM can you find out the commitment of the patients to Friends of CDHC.

  • John Killick

    Hi Glynn,
    I think the meetimg should be “open” like an AGM. It would be my intention to attend, if available.
    John K.

  • Kay Webb

    Yes, I certainly think the Annual Meeting should be an open meeting and I would be only too pleased to attend.

  • Open AGM’s, most certainly.

    As Carol Steggles says, not only to establish commitment, but also as a way of recruiting new/replacement committee members.

  • I totally agree with Carole Steggles. An open meeting would encourage patient participation and who knows new committee members may also come forward.