CDHC PPG Chairperson’s Report and Annual Accounts 2013 – 14

Please click here to read the 2013 – 14 Chairman’s Report: Chairpersons report 2013 – 14

and here for the 2013 – 14 Accounts: Income & Expenditure Accounts 2013 – 14

This document is an PDF file which requires PDF reader software to be read.  Adobe Reader is a free program for this purpose and can be downloaded and installed here

4 comments to CDHC PPG Chairperson’s Report and Annual Accounts 2013 – 14

  • Having read both the Chairman’s annual report,the financial report and the minutes of the April committee meeting, I would like to congratulate the committee for all their hard work and dedication, since the formation of the Friends of the Crawley Down Health Centre(PPG).

    I am sure many of your regular readers will agree with me.

    Mike Ford

  • Marion Welchman

    Congratulations, I think you have done really well considering the lack of support from some quarters. I look forward to the newsletter.
    I agree with Mike Ford.
    Marion Welchman

    • Glynn Roche

      Thanks Marion for your feedback.

      We have still got some work to do to get as much engagement as we would like and I am sure this coming year will develop things further.

      The newsletter will be out very soon and we are excited.

  • Nicky

    Brilliant progress, well done CDHC PPG :o)