More Information on our New Doctors

Dr Layo Osoba:

She is starting 4th August and she will be taking over from Dr Croucher.  Age 33 qualified 2004 in Nigeria moved to UK 2006. Postgraduate at Kingston & East Surrey Hospitals.  GP training at Furnace Green, Crawley.

Dr Neelum Saleemi:

She is starting 23rd June, replacing Dr Mohammad . Age 30 yrs, comes from Greater Manchester area and trained in  Dundee, Scotland.  Since qualifying she has gained excellent experience in the both hospital and general practice settings within the Greater Manchester, South London and Surrey areas, and is returning to practice after the birth of her son.

Dr Reshma Shah:

She will be covering Dr Kanga’s maternity leave from 18th June.  Age 35, trained at Guys/St.Thomas and then became a general surgeon. But, after a few years, decided that being a GP was more satisfying & retrained at Plymouth moving back to Sussex nearer to her roots.

5 comments to More Information on our New Doctors

  • Hi.

    Could you pleasecadvise the date of the next AGM.

    • Glynn Roche

      Hi Mike

      It is this Tuesday at 1830.

      As mandated by our Constitution this annual Committee Meeting has been announced on the notice board at the surgery. I think the notice went up on the 17th May.

  • Hi Glynn.
    Not sure if my initial reply got through as it did not show the usual awaiting moderation message.

    I was emailed by a guy called Clive Wedmore who asked me the date of the 2014 AGM.

    I had no idea other than an inspired guess so I looked on the website for insperation but could find no mention. The constitution clearly advises that the date will be advised on line, as well as on the Health Centre noticeboard.

    I have emailed Clive with the date on your behalf.

    Perhaps an announcement of the date, time and venue could be added immediately.



    • Glynn Roche

      Hi Mike

      Like you, I am not sure your 1st response made it into web site as there is no record on the system.

      Thanks for emailing Clive but please note it is an Annual Meeting of the Committee and not an open meeting. This is per the constitution here which is unchanged in this respect since when the PPG began in 2012.

      We did actually explore making the meeting open last year and while I think one person enquired, no-one actually came to the meeting. If we receive interest in the future in the meeting being open then this is something we will naturally explore but at the moment there is no plan for this week’s meeting to be open.

      Naturally there will be a full set of minutes published which will provide everyone with the details of what is discussed.

  • Hi Glynn
    Thanks for your notifacation Glynn. I thought last years meeting was an open one so naturally I assumed this one was as well.

    Best wishes for the meeting and I look forward to the publishing of both April’s committee minutes and the 2014 AGM.



    Ps. I have given Clive your email address as his source of contact.