Disabled Parking Bays coming to Crawley Down

We have received the following piece of information from Worth Parish Council:

Worth Parish Council are pleased to announce that three disabled parking bays will be created in Crawley Down.   West Sussex County Council will provide one outside the Pharmacy.  The other two will be in the car park by the Royal Oak.  The work will be carried out once the new car park by Auchinleck Court is completed, sometime in September.  This new car park is being provided by Worth Parish Council and the funding is coming from Mid Sussex District Council s106 monies.


12 comments to Disabled Parking Bays coming to Crawley Down

  • I would like to thank both Jennifer Saunders (Worth Parish Council) and Heidi Brunsden (Mid Sussex District Council) for their help in getting this passed.

    I am sure that both the disabled of the village and any visitors, will find this new facility particularly benificial, especiaal the bay outside the village pharmacy.

    Mike Ford

  • Gerald Power

    We need an extra disabled bay in the Health Centre car park.

    • Glynn Roche


      Thanks for your comment here. We will make sure it is discussed in the next committee meeting which is in early August and then come back to you.

  • Hi Gerald.

    It seems not to be common knowledge, but the Health Centre has a wheel chair specifically for the use of anybody transporting patients to an appointment at the surgery.

    This is very helpful especially when both disabled bays are in use.

    Just ask at reception and they will be only to willing to assist.

  • Irene

    That’s great news and will be very welcome, I only hope that people respect them and leave them clear for the disabled. unfortunately there are too many people who completely disregard the rules you only have to see them all parking on the double yellow lines and nothing is done about it as there is no one around to enforce the rules.

  • Irene

    It would surely be more sensible to put all three disabled bays by the pharmacy or even one outside the estate agents these would then be nearest to the shops which is probably the main reason for going to the shops.

  • Peter Dodds

    Thanks for your comment Irene.

    The ‘Friends Of’ were not involved in getting these bays set up and positioned so we don’t know the basis on which the locations were chosen. I could surmise that if they were all in prime positions, close together, but were not fully utilised people might complain about there being empty spaces at certain times but I really don’t know.

    Mike Ford had a lot to do with getting this initiative off the ground so he might be able to shed more light on the matter (Mike can you help?). Otherwise the Parish Council should be able to explain the rational.

  • Irene

    Thanks Mike it would be interesting to hear why they decided to put the spaces where they have especially as the two in Auchinleck Court will be the furthest from the shops.

    I’m not knocking the idea it will be a great help to a lot of people, its just my husband and I both being blue badge holders and able to walk a short distance we can appreciate how important it is for some disabled to have the spaces as close as possible to the shops.

  • Peter Dodds

    As a bit of final clarification on the subject this is what will be put into effect and when:

    1. Disabled Parking outside the pharmacy:

    In October the planned single disabled parking bay (which will take up two existing bays) will go out for consultation, ie to see if there are any objections. Subject to no objections being raised the new disabled bay will be painted and signed in February 2015. For the record, this was organised by Worth Parish Council, but will be implemented by West Sussex CC.

    2. Disabled Parking in existing car park:

    In September of this year two disabled bays will be painted and signed, utilising the three existing bays at front of the existing car park, opposite the shops.

    3. There will be NO disabled parking in the planned new car park outside Auchinleck Court.

  • Irene

    Thank you for the clarification this arrangement makes more sense, but why it should take until February 2015 is a joke these spaces are needed now.

  • Peter Dodds


    At least two will be available in September. As for the third I guess it just the wheels of local government grinding along.

  • Well done Michael.

    I have family in Crawley Down and I know that my Uncle will really benefit from this.Les just hope that they are well signed and that ‘able’ motorists respect these parking bays.