Help us to secure the future of our local NHS – Crawley and Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG ‘5Communities Plan’

This is a notice from our CCG inviting those interested to attend an open meeting on the on the future development of health services in our area and to express your views on the proposed plans:

Dear Colleague, Patient, Resident,

The first of a series of very important public events is fast approaching – have you booked your place yet?

It is imperative that as many people as possible have the opportunity to work with the CCGs to plan for the future of health services in your local area, test their thinking to see if the early draft proposals will work for current residents and future populations in our five local communities and ultimately ensure that all have access to NHS services now and in the future.

Come along to any of the events and find out from local GPs and expert health managers who will be on hand to answer your questions and talk about the plan and some of the proposals within it which include:

 Opportunities for joined up health and wellbeing services with primary care in Horsham

 Revamp of services at Horsham and Crawley hospitals

 Plans for GP facilities for the continued population growth in Crawley

 Existing GP facilities and the development of more community health services in Burgess Hill town

THIS IS YOUR opportunity to have your questions answered and give your views to help us plan what the above and other local NHS services within Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex will look like now and in the future, so please book your place today by contacting [email protected] or by telephoning on 01293 600300 Ext 3562.

Tuesday 29 July 2014, 0930 – 1300

Charis Centre, West Green Drive, Crawley RH11 7EL

(Refreshments served and free onsite parking available)

Don’t miss your opportunity to influence your local NHS, now and in the future.

Kind Regards,

Marie Shelton

 Interim Engagement Assistant Crawley CCG, Horsham & Mid Sussex CCG

 Support for Dr Minesh Patel, Clinical Chair,

Horsham & Mid Sussex CCG Vice Chair, West Sussex Health & Wellbeing Board

Telephone: 01293 600300 ext 3562

Lower Ground Floor, Crawley Hospital, West Green Drive, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 7DH &


10 comments to Help us to secure the future of our local NHS – Crawley and Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG ‘5Communities Plan’

  • Hi.
    For those residents/patients unable to attend the meeting, will there be the opportunity for them to post a question on this website, to be asked by our CCG practice representative at the meeting?

    Obviously all questions would be subject to moderation, prior to being included.

    • Peter Dodds

      A good idea Mike.
      I will be going so please, anybody, post a question on the website and I will try and get answer for you.

      Peter Dodds

  • Ps.

    As the meeting is at 09.30-13.00 in Crawley and with the schools having broken up and many families away on holiday, perhaps this suggestion might help in securing the involvement of many of the target age groups.

  • Hi Peter and thanks.

    Having read the original post I feel that a few words of guidance, as to the sort of questions that should be asked, would be appreciated by the Friends of.

    I am sure that many would, like myself, would like to get involved if only we clearly understood the reason why.

    Perhaps you could explain in layman’s turms the purpose and thoughts behind the meeting.

  • Hi Peter.

    I am pleased that it is you that it is going to the meeting.

    My main concern is that Marie Shelton’s article will leave many people scratching their heads and asking “what the hell is this all about” and then switching off.

    Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what the plans are, how you feel that from your experience they will effect us and what questions we should be asking.

    As Marie says, ” it is imperative that as many people as possible have the opportunity to work with the CCG” but there is little guidance as to how we can meaningfully contribute.

    I hope that you can shed some light on this.


    • Peter Dodds

      I’ve given some thought to your last two comments and reply as follows:
      The broad outline of what the meeting is all about is contained in the invitation to attend. There is a 99 page final draft of the Strategic Service Development Plan the CCG have drawn up which goes into all the detail of what they have been working on, since they came into existence on 1st April 2013, and intend implementing once final engagement with the public is finished. Obviously reading this is not for everybody but if you follow this link you can pick up, by reading the executive summaries etc., what is going on. Indeed the CCG’s site (see contains a wealth of information on all health matters and the facility if one so desires to sign up their own news letters and participate first hand in the proposals they make. From a standing start in April last year their website is really becoming a very useful aid for those who have the ability/knowhow of how to use it.
      Under the current health legislation all CCGs have to be able to prove they have properly engaged with their patient population before implementing any new initiatives or updating of old ones so this meeting goes part of the way to satisfy that requirement.
      For people wanting to make some input via our the website I would suggest they take a look at the CCGs own website & Plan using the links above. If anything there triggers off a question then please put it on our website.
      Alternatively, if you think there is an aspect of healthcare or services which you think the CCG are not addressing then again raise a question via our website and I will see if I can get an answer or, if you interrogate the CCG website you will find you can do it directly (see
      One thing I have been trying to get the CCG to do is provide, in simple layman’s terms, a précis of what they are doing to all PPGs so that we can disseminate such information easily to our patients. Any comments made in support of this concept would be much appreciated.

  • Wow Peter there’s some pretty heavy stuff here.

    Having read the highlighted CCG website as you suggested and visited the ‘Get involved’ page, I think the prefered option would be, for all interested patients to join the PPG, if not already a member and await the precis.

    This may seem a somewhat negative response, to what is a very important subject. I am sure many would agree with you that summarising into laymans language, is the only way to both create and hold an interest.

    • Peter Dodds

      I’m afraid you are right, it is rather heavy stuff! But, if anyone reading it finds they are not clear on a point or thinks it’s not being handled properly or has been missed altogether then I say don’t be shy, raise a question/comment. I’m sure they won’t be alone. One of the purposes of the meeting is to bring greater clarity to what is going on.
      Regarding getting some form of précis of information out to PPGs from the CCG I need some support from our patients. I and one or two others on the CPRG feel PPGs are not being used to their full potential when it comes to patient engagement but we have encountered some resistance from the CCG to greater use of the service we could provide. So please, anyone who supports the idea of a layman’s type of approach by issuing PPG’s with précised information, make your views known by writing to on the CCG website.

  • Peter Dodds

    I wouldn’t say there was standing room only but it was well attended.
    Essentially what happened was that officers from the Horsham and Mid Sussex and Crawley CCGs made presentations about:
    1. Who they were and what they do.
    2. What the 5 Communities Plan is and why it is necessary.
    3. Where they are with the roll out of the Musculoskeletal Services Programme (Joints, Bones and Muscles) – it goes live in October.
    4. Where they are now with a number of other projects such as: Urgent Treatment Centre, Clinical Assessment Unit, 24 7 Walk in Centre, Children’s Centre.
    We then had a question and answer session before breaking out into working groups to analyse and provide constructive criticism of the 5 Communities Plan. The CCG were very much at pains to say the Plan was by no means cast in stone and that they, as part of the engagement process they must now undertake by law, wanted patient feedback.
    There are hard copies of an Executive Summary of the Plan in the waiting area in the surgery for patients to read when waiting for appointments or one can review it on line at along with more information on other pages of that website about a number of projects being planned.

  • Peter Dodds

    You need to ignore that bit and navigate to the Executive Summary on the right hand side of the page in a white box. This is the link

    There are hard copies of the Executive Summary in the surgery – have a look on the low table – I saw them there just the other day.