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This week we issued our first newsletter which we printed using our own laser printer.

We printed 3,100 in all with 2,300 being circulated in Crawley Down as an insert into Church & Village. (A big thank you is owed to the Vicar  Rev’d Jon Hales for being so helpful in assisting us in getting distribution achieved in this manner).

500 copies are being distributed by independent means in Turners Hill and 300 in Sharpthorne/West Hoathly.  We will print a few more to put in the surgery, village halls etc.

The idea of doing a printed newsletter was because we recognised that not everyone has or can use a  computer, unlike those of you who will be reading this post.  So in order to raise awareness of our existence and to tackle some of the more regular questions asked we thought a newsletter would help to do the job.  Further newsletters will follow and we will be deciding the frequency of them at our next meeting.

One thing which does have a lot of influence on us regarding frequency is cost.  We have no independent source of finance and have to rely on donations from the public and local bodies.  The cost of the printer itself was financed by donations from Worth Parish Council, Turners Hill Parish Council, The Mid-Sussex Community Initiative Fund and Lloyds Bank plus some donations from the public.  Consequently, all donations however small are gratefully received and we will be running a fund raising event, in the shape of a general knowledge competition, at the Crawley Down Fayre on Saturday 6th September 2014.  So come and visit our stand then, test your general knowledge and maybe win a prize!

For those interested click on this link to read an electronic version of the newsletter:

2nd PFD final Draft 2nd June with FINAL pics

Peter Dodds

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