A Note From Dr Lesley Croucher



I want to say a very big thank you to everyone, both patients and staff, for all the cards, kind words and many gifts to mark my retirement.

I feel so privileged that the patients and successive staff have enabled me to fulfil my ambition to live and work and raise my family as part of the wonderful community that we have here in the north of West Sussex. I have no plans to move so hope we can continue that special relationship over the years; albeit with a different “hat on”.

In the immediate future I am planning where to take my new walking poles and where to spend the generous donation so many of you have made to my next Inntravel holiday.

The visit to New Zealand and Australia will follow next year!

Thank you to you all

Dr Lesley Croucher

2 comments to A Note From Dr Lesley Croucher

  • Who are these “Two walking poles” and where did you meet them?

    Oh, just realised, you mean the two long walking sticks with straps for the wrist.

    Have a very long and happy retirement ‘Lesley’ (been dying to say that)

    Mike Ford

  • anna battini

    Many thanks Dr Croucher for referring me to the appropriate clinic where my fears were dealt with. It was like a parting gift to me! It was a pleasure to have been your patient for many years. I wish a happy retirement and I hope to follow suit eventually!