Waiting Times Petition – Update

I have been informed that there is still time to sign this petition, (originally thought to close 15th August), as they will keep counting until the middle of September.

Click here Signing online   to sign up and click here:


 to read the original article on this subject.


4 comments to Waiting Times Petition – Update

  • Eunice Meeus

    Things are getting worse and worse with waiting times and the NHS as a whole I thought 2 weeks was bad enough now 5 weeks unless you go on triage.

    • Peter Dodds

      Dear Eunice
      Thank you for your comment. I hope you have signed the petition as what you complain of is one of the reasons The Royal College of GP’s has launched it.


  • Margaret Corke

    I support our GP’s 100%. GP surgeries are people’s lifeline to better health. Relationships are important, we do not mind waiting but sometimes we need to see a doctor sooner rather than later. I dread the future without the marvellous support and care GPs have delivered in the past. Out of ours services are fasical and sometimes devastatingly disapointing.
    Our surgery is one of the better ones but poor funding threatens us all; i regularly hear stories of neglect and abandonment because of over pressurised surgeries. Empathy government …
    Long live the The NHS!

    • Peter Dodds

      Thank you for your for your comment Margaret. I’m sure a lot of people will empathise with you to over what you say.
      On the point of having to see a doctor urgently it just so happened that I needed to last week and on 3 separate occasions I used the triage system. I’m happy to report that it worked brilliantly!