Ordering Repeat Prescriptions online

We have had a couple of reports from people encountering difficulties, recently, when reordering their prescriptions via the surgery’s website.  We have taken this up with the surgery and don’t think there should be a problem.  The surgery offered this comment:

“In fact nothing has changed apart from the removal of the form that patients previously used to request medications via our website. As soon as this happened a notice appeared on the website to explain this.


Patients can still order medication online using Vision online (http://www.cdhc.co.uk/pages/Prescriptions) or via email ([email protected]) or in person”.


Please do let the surgery know if you continue to have any problems. 

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  • Previously there were two options to order prescriptions.
    1. Via the online order form that has now been discontinued. This gave one the opportunity to order additional quantities if felt necessary.

    2. Visiononline which is now the sole online facility which sets out the prescribed quantity with no additional facility to increase/decrease.

    Thanks for the explaination of the rationale.

  • Hi, presciptions. I think the change over has been a complete mess, so far as I am concerned. Its taken two weeks to get the code. But its not workin.

    • Glynn Roche

      Hi Barry

      Thanks for your post. We will raise this with the practice management in the PPG meeting on this coming Tuesday evening and hopefully bring some answers back here asap.


      • Glynn Roche


        We did discuss this at the committee meeting and an action has been taken to see how the information can be made more accessible.

        In essence, the change that was made was to reduce the number of methods for prescription ordering from 4 to 3:

        1. In person at the surgery
        2. By emailing the surgery to [email protected] – the website explains what information to include in the body of the message
        3. By registering with the Vision Online system and then using this to request repeat prescriptions

        The 4th option, the one that was removed, was to click on a link and a online form would appear which people could fill in and click on a send button. In the background this would send an email to the address at option 2 above.

        This change was beyond the practice’s control and the team were trying to minimise the consequences.

        Hopefully the 3 remaining options are acceptable to our patients. Personally I use option 2 above and have a stock email for my repeats and copy/paste it each time I need more.

        We did not get to the detail of why your code might not be working but we did discuss concerns, also expressed elsewhere, about the time taken for Vision Online codes to come through.

        Vision Online is an external service provider and when they receive a registration request they make some checks to confirm identity / registration at the practice etc before issuing a code. We suspect that the change above may have led to a high number of registrations to the system and this is what is behind the extended response times.

        As for your own code not working, it might be best to contact the practice and ask for guidance on what to do.

        I hope this helps.

  • Valerie King

    Hi. I attempted to get a repeat prescription only to find the form had been discontinued. I have requested a code so that I can order a repeat prescription, but in the meantime, how do I get my medication? From earlier feedback, this code may take a while to arrive.

    Why change the system that was working. There is an old saying “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

    • Peter Dodds

      Dear Valerie,

      You can still order by email from the vision on line page of the surgeries site until your new code arrives . Just go this page http://www.cdhc.co.uk/pages/Prescriptions and click on [email protected]. An email window should open up on your computer. If it doesn’t immediately there will be a message either at the bottom of your screen or hidden behind other windows you currently have open (so shrink or close them down until you find it) asking for permission to go ahead and open the email window. Just fill in the narrative of the email with what you want.

  • Irene

    Something needs sorting I order our repeat prescriptions by email and despite getting a confirmation in return, I am not exaggerating if I say we are lucky if one in ten is delivered correctly. This has been happening now for a couple of years.now.

    I have given up sending my own and my husbands on the same day even though they are separate emails as we never get both of them, other times items missing or just we fail to get anthing at all.

    Whenever we send a repeat now we always say oh well let’s see what we get this time. It’s very annoying and time consuming having to chase thins all the time and then hang on while a search goes on to find out what’s gone wrong AGAiN.

  • lynda jones

    having great difficulties assessing on-line repeat prescription, in fact I have had to go down to the surgery and request

    • Peter Dodds

      If you are having difficulty using the Vision on line facility the best advice I can give is use the the direct email option as follows:

      Please email; [email protected]

      and include the following information

      Full name
      Date of birth
      First line of your address
      Where you want to collect your prescription
      Medication required