Dialing 111- A Patient’s Experience

Recently a patient at the surgery sent in his experience when he used the Dial 111 service.  This is what he reported:

To dial 111 or not to dial. That was the question. 

On Saturday 3rd November I became very concerned about an element of my health. I felt I needed help and advice but I was not sure from where to get it, so I dialed 111. I am so glad I did, as on their advice and insistence I drove to the nearest A&E, (I prefer The Princess Royal to East Surrey. I was seen almost immediately and after an overnight stay for observation, I was released the following day with even more medication, but a far more relaxed state of mind. 

Thank you 111.

A few months ago we posted the below article on the use of 111 and this experience helps to show the value of the service.

Click here to read the earlier article: http://friendsofcdhc.co.uk/2013/09/who-are-nhs-111/

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