NAPP November 2015 E- Bulletin & The Costs of Treating Coughs & Colds

There are some useful pieces of news and tips in this bulletin.  In particular, in item number 5, it encourages the use of community pharmacies for the treatment of  coughs an colds rather than going to the doctor or A & E.  Not only does it relieve the pressure on surgery appointments and A & E but is vastly cheaper and just as effective.

Relative costs

Treating common ailments such as coughs and sore throats at community pharmacies costs only £29.30 per patient.  The same problems at A&E is nearly five times higher at £147.09 per patient and nearly three times higher at GP practices at £82.34.

Makes sense?

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2 comments to NAPP November 2015 E- Bulletin & The Costs of Treating Coughs & Colds

  • Having suffered all over the weekend with a ‘hacking’ cough, I popped into our village chemists for a quick bit of the old “£29.30’s worth.

    Much to my amazement, this morning the cough had gone and my long suffering wife had slept well as a result.

    The benefits of my heeding the advice of NAPP were two fold, as not only did I save the NHS £53.04, but I also got a “Full English” breakfast, thanks to my wifes relaxed and fully rested state of mind.

    Roll on the next cough!!!

  • Peter Dodds

    Mike, we will all be round your house for breakfast the next time you recover from a cough!