New information source to keep you up to date

[UPDATE: we have found a way to filter only articles that the Practice web site classifies as News so this new feature will become more relevant.  We have changed the category name to also be more relevant: Crawley Down Health Centre News.]

We are testing a new option to detect changes on the surgery web site and automatically publish an article here drawing this to your attention with a link to the changed information.

These new updates will also be listed under Crawley Down Health Centre News which is accessible to the left of the screen.

It is early days but we hope this will serve you well.  Please do let us know if you have any concerns or ideas on how to improve it.

8 comments to New information source to keep you up to date

  • Why tuck the article away almost at the bottom of the Categories section.

    Surely the existing Practice News box would be sufficient, or one of the other red boxes shown at the top of the Health Website, where applicable.

    • Glynn Roche

      Hi Mike

      This is more to do with the capabilities of the web site technology than anything else. What we introduced monitors the practice site for any changes and then creates a post here. As we want this to be fully automated, the only option we have is to associated the update with a Category and that is why it appears on the left.

      This new feature may, in reality, be less than useful if it is picking up trivial changes to practice web site such as spelling corrections. We will monitor and decide how to proceed.

      Where you mention red boxes, these are actually pages on the practice web site over which we have no control. This new feature just identifies and creates a link to the changed page.

  • Hi Glynn.

    I totally accept what you are saying however why do you feel the need to “monitor what the practice website is saying”?

    I personally feel that the newly re-vamped Health Centre website is doing an excellent job, in both informing the existing and new patient population, as to what it can offer. This inturn offers the ‘Friends of’ the opportunity to enhance and stimulate the voice of the Patient Population, who they represent, into voicing their thoughts and suggestions.

    • Glynn Roche

      ​I agree the new web site is very good.

      The idea here is pass on the news to our members when the practice post some News on their site.

      At the moment the practice does not actively let people know they have put some news on the site and we are doing is relaying the information and actively include this in the web newsletter which goes out to 2300 registered email addresses.

      Our hope it that if the surgery, for example, put a news item up about vaccinations, we can add value by sharing this with our members.

  • Ahhhh!….Now I understand what you are trying to achieve.

    However, what I am surprised at is how many times that little word “NEWS” actually turnes up, on both the Health Centre and ‘Friends of websites’.
    For example: Practice news, Latest news, Important patient information (news), C.D.H.C news, News, Patients association news and News..Triage.

    All that’s missing is News News!! 🙂

    How about “Read all about it”, “Stop Press” or to really think out of the box..
    “The Health Centre Stethoscope” or “Did you know that………..”

  • Remember the saying “Dont cry wolf”
    News is only news when the reader thinks it is.

    • Glynn Roche

      Thanks Mike

      I understand your point but we only have 3 categories that include the word News and 2 of them refer to other web sites and that is what they call their web pages…

      All the other references come from the articles themselves. Our own News category denotes items that we actively label this way and we have 69 posts since September 2013 – about 1 a week – and just scanning through them they were justifiably labelled as News.

      Hopefully we are safe from the wolf for now.

  • From personal experience Glynn and since its revamp, I now tend to visit the Health Centre website, as its new format provides a lot more medical advice/information, certainly enough for my medical requirements. If I have the time I now tend to browse your website, just in case I am missing something important.

    Your weekly news letters assist me in deciding what could be of interest on both sites. As Mike correctly identifies, sifting through all the other “newsy” articles takes time, time that i just have not got.

    Keep up the good work.