The Care Quality Commission Report of GP Surgeries

The government have just published an analysis of GP surgeries to identify risks to patient care.  The good news is that our surgery is in band 6 which is the lowest risk band:

cqc infographic nov 2014

The report for Crawley Down Health Centre is available as a PDF file click here.

The analysis was done using a variety of information sources, including the surgery’s annual patient survey, to assess 38 different aspects of the service provided and for for November 2014, Crawley Down Health Centre is reported to have 4 measures that are above average, 1 that is below average and 33 which are average.

There is lots of background information click here.  You can also search for any surgery that may be of interest.

2 comments to The Care Quality Commission Report of GP Surgeries

  • Having read the entire report with interest, I would like to raise a point of personal concern, that would probably best fit into the “CPPS” section, under a new section headed….REPORTING BACK TO PATIENT.

    I have long felt that as a patient, who has been referred to a specialist consultant, been sent for x-rays, or even an ‘in house’ blood test, that the reporting back of the results to the patient concerned, is somewhat lacking.

    From personal experience I usually find myself having to ‘chase up’my results for my peace of mind, usually by telephone, which is difficult enough in itself, or by visiting the surgery in person and tying up a receptionist for some time, whilst she tries to answer my questions within the guidelines of data protection.

    Would it not be possible that a triage nurse, or somebody who is medically trained and acting on the advice of a doctor be allowed to make a phone call of re-assurance that ‘all’s clear’ or make a follow up appointment with a doctor.

    I do appreciate that this suggestion, if implemented, would mean an ‘on cost’ both in time and money to the surgery. But there again what price should we place on the feeling of “Peace of mind”.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  • Michael Ford

    Today 2/12, I tried contact the surgery several times between the hours designated hours of 2pm-4pm (remember the surgery is closed between 1pm and 2pm) to get the results of x-rays I had taken on the18th November.

    As I had been unable to get through during the hours advocated, I was forced, due time restraints to call after 4pm. This time I got through only to be reminded of the “Surgery Rule”, ie Test results between 2pm-4pm. I politely reminded the receptionist of the wording on the recorded answering message…….”Please try later”

    It turned out that my results were sent to the surgery on 25th November and on the same day my doctor applied the message “Appointment to be made”.
    I duly requested an appointment to see my doctor to discuss the result findings only to be offered Tuesday 30th December.

    Perhaps if I had been notified that an appointment was necessary, then an earlier slot could have been given.

    Alternatively perhaps I should organise a “Running appointment” for the second week of every month and cancel it if not required.