Autumn Newsletter No 2

Dear All,

We printed and circulated 3200 newsletters (Click here to read 2014 Autumn Newsletter No.2 to residents of Crawley Down and its environs.

The vicar and his team were an enormous help in delivering it with the C & V to Crawley Down and we are most grateful.

Whilst we are centered on the surgery in Crawley Down we try to make a lot of  the information (in this case about 60%) applicable to anyone in the area no matter which surgery they use.

The next Newsletter is planned for the Spring 2015.

One alteration which occurred after we have gone to print was that the surgery will be open for normal hours on Christmas Eve.

6 comments to Autumn Newsletter No 2

  • Its such a shame that so much valuable space was lost, due to what i consider to be excessive lineage in Acknowledgements, “Aims and objectives” and the details of all Committee Members.

    • Glynn Roche

      Thanks Mike

      I think we are still in the phase of establishing awareness and this kind of information is, we think, valuable at this point.

      Over time we may compress this a little while retaining awareness that for some time to come we will have new readers.

      • Peter Dodds

        In addition to what Glynn says nobody is quite like you in that you know all the background to the ‘Friends of’ as well as where every dot and comma is on the website. So, whilst it might seem a waste of space to you to the vast majority and especially those who are not PC literate, it is useful information.

        As Glynn says we may moderate the content in the future but its not easy trying to strike a happy medium and you can’t please all the people all the time!


  • Hi Peter/Glynn.
    I do see the point that you are trying to make, however with only a quarterly news letter, plus a restricted audience (those without computers) space is of the essence. Perhaps a copy of the revised Health Centre Leaflet ‘popped into’ the Church and Village would also be of benefit.

    I also note that is still a lot of space on the blue notice board in reception and that there are also still a lot of notices still on the “”automatic” doors from the centre.

    Its such a shame that only those who have computers and are computer literate can respond thus giving your target opportunity the chance to air there views.

    Perhaps a suggestion leaflet, as per the one in the waiting room could be included.

  • Hi Peter/Glynn.

    As one who knows all the dots and commas of the website, as well as its history and all the hard work that goes into maintaining it, may i take this opportunity to wish both your goodselves and the committee, a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

    I am confident that your on line audience, as well as those who rely on “the written word” echo my
    appreciation of all the hard work that you have put in on our behalf.

    Kind regards

    • Glynn Roche

      Thank you Mike, we appreciate your comments and support.

      Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015 to you as well.

      On behalf of The Committee.