Waitrose East Grinstead Community Funding Initiative

For the month of February Waitrose East Grinstead have agreed that “The Friends of Crawley Down Health Centre PPG” can compete for a share of the £1000 they donate monthly to worthy causes.  So please do some of your shopping there and use your GREEN TOKENS to vote for us.

Why we need funds.

To maintain our status of being a “critical friend” of the surgery we have to exist as an independent voluntary, self-funding non-profit making organisation.  These are NAPP (National Association for Patient Participation) guidelines of which we are a member.

Our need for funds arises mainly from two sources. (a) The cost of running the website at approx. £150 pa. (b) The cost of producing the newsletter. We now have our own high capacity laser printer but we constantly have to buy ink for it.  A full set of ink costs about £425.00 and will do 2 to 3 printing runs of the newsletter.


2 comments to Waitrose East Grinstead Community Funding Initiative

  • Alison fFalconer

    I saw in waitrose that you needed green coupons . I felt you don’t deserve money because you don’t seem to make a change in the health centre.

    • Peter Dodds

      Dear Alison,
      From your comment it is apparent that you do not appreciate what we have achieved, what our capabilities and limitations are or what our aims are. We tend to get on and do things and trust that, by reading the newsletter and website etc. people will realise what we have been accomplishing but you are probably not alone in thinking the way you do.

      So, by way of explanation let me say this:

      We are a Patient Participation Group (PPG) with no income and run purely by unpaid volunteers. Our Terms of Reference are published on the website. (Click here http://friendsofcdhc.co.uk/about-us/our-terms-of-reference/ to read)
      On top of what our T’s of R identify we are dedicated to supplying you, the patient population, with information about how the National Health Service is being run, initiatives they are launching, and changes which are being made to it giving you the chance, through the website, newsletter and suggestion box to provide your feedback on these topics which we can relay back to the CCG.

      Probably the biggest single item which we have organised, in the last two years and which many people would not realise we run, is the Patient Survey. (Click here http://friendsofcdhc.co.uk/2014/03/201314-patient-survey-results-now-available/ to read last years). Successful completion of this has provided the surgery (not us) with almost £9,000.00 of extra income each year.

      The Waitrose initiative will hopefully provide us with some of the cash we need to keep providing these services. You are entitled to your view that “we don’t deserve money because you don’t seem to make a change in the health centre” but I do know that the surgery themselves don’t agree with you nor, from the many supportive comments we receive do lots of patients.

      Just so you get a better grasp of what we have achieved so far I attach a list detailing some of the things we have worked on (Click here to read http://friendsofcdhc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/List-of-Achievements.pdf).

      Lastly you might be interested to learn that the surgery have recently identified the need to buy 2 new portable blood pressure machines (the sort which people take home with them at the weekend) and we are applying to try and get a grant of £4000.00 to enable us to purchase them on their behalf.

      I hope, having read the above, you will feel we are a little more deserving than you first thought.