Important Message from the Surgery


On 23rd June, we are changing over to a new clinical system.  We hope that this will result in a significant improvement in the service we offer to you.

 Please bear with us during and after the handover.

 22nd June is the last date available for pre-booked appointments. You will be able to book beyond this date from 23rd June onwards.

 Please would you request all regular medication four weeks in advance to allow time for processing before ‘Go Live’ day on June 23rd.  

                          Thank you.

4 comments to Important Message from the Surgery

  • Beryl

    It has taken me around an hour to finally, at least I hope finally to get a prescription to the Health Centre for next week. I was warned by a friend this evening that she had had problems e-mailing her prescription to the Health Centre. Why could the Health Centre not have kept the old address going with an automatic reply asking people to up-date their e-mail address. So far I have send the e-mail but not got the automatic reply, got onto the visiononline web-site but as I don’t use it frequently had to find all the data required to sign on, and then was told the site/centre was not available and to try again later. WHAT. This might have been an emergency. Then onto you site and finally saw the updated e-mail address. Just hope that has not changed.

    • Glynn Roche

      It sounds like this has been quite a challenge.

      The recommended prescriptions email address became [email protected] in March 2013 but there was one before that time which was very long and cumbersome (I think it was [email protected]. Which one are you having the problems with?

      Until recently the surgery were providing acknowledgements emails (I got one as recently as 2nd June) but I notice now that the practice web site indicates that acknowledgements will not now be provided. I will look into this as this does seem to be a step backwards…

      On the topic of logging in to the web site as patient this will have changed from VisionOnline to EMIS at the same time as the rest of the systems switched. Unfortunately it does seem to need re-registration. I will try this out myself next week and hopefully this will be an easy system to use.


  • Very easy to register and to down load their app onto tablets, laptops and mobiles.

    Not sure if Blood Tests can be booked this way?

    • Glynn Roche

      Thanks Mike

      PS: I am not sure about booking blood tests. Might be worth checking with the surgery.