More information about the Surgery’s new computer system and the change over period.

Following some queries, after the initial notice of this change was posted on the website, we have been in discussion with the surgery and thought it would be helpful to provide some more information about the change of computer system that the surgery is undertaking. Below is an updated explanation from the surgery of what is taking place.

“The current system, Vision, has reached a point where it has become unreliable and too slow and is having a negative effect on the efficiency of the practice. It is affecting all areas including the time it takes our doctors to update records.

We are moving to a new system, EMIS, which has been selected after professional advice and multiple investigations to see if we could make Vision work better. EMIS will provide us with a faster and more reliable system and this will benefit all areas including patient appointments.

As with all change, it is likely that in the very beginning some tasks will take longer to perform as we all become familiar with the new system. We would ask that you bear with us while we go through this learning period over the next weeks.

Also, as this is a complete change of system, we do need to adjust to the way EMIS identifies patient records and for this reason, there will be a period of 1 week where we are only able to look up patient records but not make new entries into the system. At the end of the week the handwritten records will be entered into the new system and everything will be working normally.

This is where you can really help us:


If you have a repeat prescription that is coming up in the period 16th June to 22nd June please request it as soon as possible and we will process it before the system change.

Once the new system is set up, orders for repeat prescriptions will again be possible by email to [email protected] or by registering online with the new system as well as through Reception in person. (We will provide more details on the registration process nearer the time).


To make the changeover possible we are having to limit the availability of appointments to the period before the switch (i.e. 22nd June).  Requests for appointments beyond this date will be possible from the 23rd June onwards.

Throughout this period Triage will continue to run to make sure patients with urgent needs will still be seen as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to provide a more efficient service to you, our patients and we trust that you will bear with us while we make this change”.

2 comments to More information about the Surgery’s new computer system and the change over period.

  • pamela underwood

    I am a resident of Turners Hill and I would just like to make a comment on the difficulty I have getting to the surgery. since the bus company in their wisdom decided to re-route the no.84 . this left 1 bus every 2 hours and I have difficulty getting an appointment as I have just about half hour window to be seen and return home on the no.82 (10.15am to 10.45am).Evenings are out altogether as there are no buses. I know the buses are not your concern but we did have a surgery once a week at the Ark Turners Hill which made things much less stressful, I do not drive and there is no-one I can ask to get me to the surgery and I cannot afford taxi’s. I wonder if you would re-consider the surgery at the Ark being re-instated.
    Apart from the difficulty in getting an appointment in my time limit I have no other concerns.
    Thank you

    • Peter Dodds

      Dear Pamela,
      Thank you for your comment. This is a problem we are familiar with and, in fact, have taken the matter up with the bus company in the past but to no avail. The Turners Hill Park have, more recently, done the same but last I heard they have not got any further than we did.
      We have also spoken to the practice about the surgery which was run at the Ark and will do so again on your behalf. The answer we had last time was that there were very limited medical facilities available at the Ark and also that the Wi-Fi connection was very poor often meaning the doctor could not get into the patients records. Also, as it was a non-appointment facility sometimes only a couple or even nobody turned up which was a bad use of the doctors time.
      I do sympathize with you remarks though and as I say will raise the matter once again.