Newsletter No 4 September 2015

Dear All,

The September newsletter will be dropping through your doors with the Church & Village in (Crawley Down) and by other means in Turners Hill.  It will also be available in Sharpthorne and West    Hoathly in public areas.

But, for those of you who visit the the website and/or are registered on the site to receive news emails, you can read it by clicking below:

Final for Newsletter No 4 Sept 2015

2 comments to Newsletter No 4 September 2015

  • A very informative newsletter.
    I applaude Dr Jefferies on his excellent article on a day in the life of a Doctor,
    its so easy to say “well that’s what they get paid for”, personally I would not want that sort of schedule.

  • Peter

    We have received another comment on Dr. Jefferies Article from Judith. It reads as follows:

    I read with much interest Dr Jefferies’ account of a typical working day for our GPs.
    Most of us are used to seeing the doctor face to face for a few minutes and
    experiencing their care and expertise. I doubt that we give much thought to all the work they do behind the scenes which supports that

    His article gave an insight into the relentless pressures which our doctors face on a daily basis. A 12 hour working day with half an
    hour for lunch is not one to be envied when one considers the weight of responsibility which a doctor carries all the time.
    By the end of the account I had gained a greater understanding of the challenges that doctors face in coping with ever increasing demands
    and I appreciated learning more about their work.