Walk-in services to be centralised at Crawley Hospital from 1st October 2015

The attached 2 documents provide details of the rearranged captioned service.

Walk in services V1

Changes to Crawley Walk-in services PR

2 comments to Walk-in services to be centralised at Crawley Hospital from 1st October 2015

  • Alison fFalconer

    I went to the doctors to make an appointment I was told there were no bookable appointments until November. I was told I would have through triage before anything could be done. Are you hoping that your patients may die before their appointment. When I have been on triage before I have got a phone call 11:50. When I phone to speak to the triage I was told it had finished.

    My point is you should be able to get an appointment sooner than that. Going to Crawley hospital is ridiculous no parking and for people like me who are on benefits I have don’t have the money to pay parking fees etc.

    I am giving the practice 1 out 10. One is for trying to make things awkward for patients.

    • Glynn Roche


      I am sorry that you have felt the need to make this post and would like to provide some answers and ideas that might help:

      This post was about the Walk In Service Centre in Crawley Health Centre and was written to provide information to patients about a change to that service and how it is being improved by relocating it to Crawley Hospital.

      Walk In has never been a service provided by the Crawley Down Health Centre so I am hoping we did not give the impression that somehow a facility was being removed from your local practice.

      Your post also talks about another challenge with getting an appointment.

      All GP Surgeries face the challenge of providing enough appointments to meet the health needs of all patients while there are limited resources and many many reasons for wanting to see a doctor. This has been the situation for many years and has become more of a challenge in recent times because NHS resources are more stretched and people are living longer.

      There is no perfect answer to this problem. Appointments have always been set aside every day for urgent cases but in the past it was the people who dialled 1st or redialled fastest when the surgery opened that got these appointments. These super-diallers would get an appointment even though their needs may not have been urgent or even medical. Patients who were seriously ill often lost out and, more importantly, did not get urgent treatment. Too often they became emergency cases resulting in a trip to hospital.

      From our surveys many Crawley Down Health Centre patients really like Triage and many do not.

      Either way, the important difference is that Triage is designed to make sure all requests for appointments are listened to. It makes it possible for the surgery to allocate the urgent appointments to the urgent cases and that is its only purpose. Many patients also truly value the advice they get from a qualified medical practitioner and effectively being treated by phone for those conditions that really do not need an appointment.

      It does seem that you had a specific situation with Triage that I cannot comment on. My advice would be to contact Debra Suralie, the Practice Manager at the surgery to go through what happened. She will want to know in case improvements can be made so that such a situation can be avoided in the future for everyone.

      Knowing how strongly you feel about this I would love to know if you would be willing to become involved in this Patient Participation Group? We are completely independent from the surgery and our goal is to provide patients with information about what is happening, what is being planned and to actively involve patients in giving feedback. Most GP surgeries have similar groups and together we are seen by the NHS as a key source for insights on what patients want and need. Why not come along to one of our meetings and see if it is something you would like to contribute to? I would be happy to discuss this with you and my contact details are here.