Re-surfacing of Path to/from Hophurst Drive and Bowers Place (i.e. beside the surgery)

Good news!

Due to tenacious pestering and a refusal to be beaten by red tape our “Friends Of” Secretary, Mrs Caroline Custard, has secured an undertaking from Christine Ellison, (Highway Engineer – Mid Sussex – Residents’ Services – Highways and Transport – West Sussex County Council), that the Structural Maintenance Team will raise a small works job to resurface the section of footpath between Hophurst Drive and Bowers Place which should be completed in this financial year’s program of 2015/16.

As many of you will be aware the surface of the path is very uneven and therefore quite dangerous so the sooner it is done the better.

However, the medical advice is to cross your fingers and hope it gets done soon but not to hold your breath!


4 comments to Re-surfacing of Path to/from Hophurst Drive and Bowers Place (i.e. beside the surgery)

  • Brian Apps

    Well done, a long overdue job for Mid Sussex!
    Caroline must have had a large dose of tenacity to achieve this.
    Please keep up the good work.

  • As a resident of Hophurst Drive it is not a resurfing of the current path that we want.
    Currently, many patients park at the end of Hophurst Drive rather than use the Health Centre Car Park. Why, because its easier than running the gauntlet of Bowers Place.
    Perhaps, rather than resurface the current path a one way system could be established. In via Bowers place, out by Hophurst Drive.

  • Well done Caroline, I did not intend to “pour cold water”on your achievement but merely to point out that driving to and from the Health Centre via Bowers Place is getting more and more difficult due to all the parked cars.

  • John Killick

    Hi Michael. I agree with your comments dated 10th Nov 2015 at 18:35.