Contact your doctor online by WebGP (eConsult)

This is a new service which the surgery is trialing.

It is available 24/7 and the basic idea is that you go onto the surgery site at and click on ‘Contact our doctors on line’.  You then follow the relevant instructions pertaining to the type of complaint you have/information you require.

A doctor will then look at your consultation request and contact you the next working day.  It is hoped that the system will free up more routine appointment slots and will be of particular interest to working people who often have very little time to contact/attend the surgery as it can accessed at any time of the day or night.  Additionally, it may prove useful if you are helping someone who finds it difficult to contact the surgery themselves as you could submit the query for them.

Several surgeries in our CCG area are trialing the software and it has been successfully used in inner London and other areas up and down the country.


2 comments to Contact your doctor online by WebGP (eConsult)

  • Having ploughed my way through question after question, some of them completely irrelevant to the actual question I wanted to ask I gave up, rang the surgery, spoke to the receptionist and later that day my doctor phoned and my question was answered.
    On line questionnaire far to long, most of the yes answers generate an additional question.
    Solution…Pick up the phone.

  • John Ralph

    I agree with Michael Ford. Just to test the system I tried to consult on a random example eg chest pain. This must be very common and could be important. However chest pain is not listed although many relatively uncommon complaints/symptoms are.
    Also the website is typical of so many others in being messy, not very user friendly, confusing and contains too much “decoration” in the form of many different font colours, boxes of different sizes and shapes etc. When will computer geeks and web site designers in particular learn to keep things simple and tidy. Web sites are not primarily works of art. This one should be aimed at those who are unwell and possibly old!