Horsham & Mid Sussex Winter 2015/16 Newsletter

I hope you will give this a read. HMS Newsletter Winter 201516 FINAL

Our CCG has a new Accountable Officer, (Geraldine Hoban), and she says: “I strongly believe we need to join up our health and social care systems and focus on what people at the centre of our services really want – rather than giving them what we think they need”.

At present the CCG is setting about developing a strategic plan for the next 5 years and by using your ‘Patient Voice’, Simon Chandler, (Lay Member of the CCG Board for Public Engagement), says:

“In the New Year the CCG will be looking to engage with the public on what services and facilities are required locally”.

With the CCG becoming more and more involved in commissioning of GP practices they will be having an increasingly greater influence on primary care. The newsletter indicates how you can make your views known.  So, don’t be just a silent grumbler but make yourself heard to them!  Believe it or not they want to hear from you!

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  • Jennifer Field

    I was a Social Worker for many years and experienced first hand the frustration, the miscommunication and delays created by having separate services. It makes sense for health and social care to join up.