Healthwatch – What is it and what does it do?

Healthwatch England

Health and social care is better when the system involves people in decisions about their treatment and care.

Healthwatch is here to make sure that the health and social care system listens to people’s views and experiences and  acts on them.

Healthwatch is connected to people in every town, city and county across England.


  • identifies common problems with health and social care based on people’s experiences
  • recommends changes to health and social care services that they know will benefit people
  • holds those services and decision makers to account and demands action.

As a statutory watchdog, their role is to ensure that health and social care services, and the government, put people at the heart of their care.

If you have a question about health or social care services in your area, or want to give feedback on services you have received, contact your local Healthwatch. Your experience can help to shape the way services are delivered, now and in the future.

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One of Healthwatch’s current targets is talking to Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) members to hear examples of local best practice in engaging patients, to provide support and encourage to PPGs for greater patient engagement and to showcase latter in the year.

In this connection “The Friends of Crawley Down HC” is one of 20 PPGs out of a total of 98 in our area chosen to be interviewed by Healthwatch.  Their findings will be published in a few months time.

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