Local Offer Roadshow – 12th of October – Crawley Library

This event takes place next week. It is on behalf of the West Sussex Local Offer which puts together information for children and young people with additional needs. The information ranges from health, leisure, social care and education.

Full details can be seen at www.local-offer.org

Here is some feedback from a parent who attended a session last week:

“I first glanced at the West Sussex Local Offer about 2 years ago, when I was too preoccupied by struggling to attend to my child’s needs on a day-by-day basis. Having finally got an EHCP in place, things are moving forward in a slightly less acute way, and I took the two hours necessary to attend a LO training session – it was like being given a beautifully skillfully filtered search engine (ie. takes less of my stretched time) to find out what services, events, and information are available to me as a parent, and to my son as a mainstream secondary school child with SEN. Being shown how to make an account, develop a pinboard of preferred services, and add comments to the site to communicate with other parents was invaluable – I would not have done it from home on my own, and no parent who is facilitated in the same way will regret the time they spend. I have immediately asked the LO team to run the same training session in both of the schools to which I relate, and am keen to put the support group which I am part of onto the LO as a service.” Parent Carer Feedback

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