Horsham and Mid Sussex and Crawley CCG’s are put into ‘Special Measures’

Many of you will have heard of the above, disturbing piece of news, and probably wondered what it could mean for you as a patient.

The main reason why this has occurred is to do with the fact that at April 2017 Horsham and Mid Sussex, (which is our CCG), ended the financial year £14.9m over budget. Crawley had the same but a smaller deficit.

So, it is not so much to do with the health care being provided by our CCG but rather the financial planning associated with delivering it.

To read the statement issued by the CCG or to contact them for more information concerning the situation click here http://www.horshamandmidsussexccg.nhs.uk/news/ccg-annual-assessment-for-2016-2017/

Also, David King, our CCG Director of Joint Commissioning and Partnerships addressed the CPRGs (Commissioning Patients Reference Groups)of both Horsham and Crawley to explain in more detail what steps were being taken to rectify the situation.

Click here to see the headline points he made.  CPRG Update DK presentation 15-08-2017 v1

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