CDHC PPG Meeting 1st October 2019 (meeting number 44)

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2 comments to CDHC PPG Meeting 1st October 2019 (meeting number 44)

  • Peter Dodds

    Not sure why but I received an email inviting me to register for LIVI with the practice which I successfully did as it seemed a great idea.

    Today I tried to register my wife but Crawley Down Health Centre did not show up as a participating practice in the scheme so could go no further.

    Can you update me on what the position is regarding this scheme?

  • Glynn Roche

    Hi Peter

    I became aware of LIVI through a leaflet delivered in with the junk mail. It references our surgery which has caused some confusion as our practice is signed up and integrated with Push Doctor (as is the Modality Group of surgeries).

    Push Doctor is a service that the practice use as an extension to the surgery team (> 120 additional appointments per week). In effect, when someone calls the surgery for an appointment, they can be offered a video appointment if they choose. This engages Push Doctor who will then enable you to book an appointment and who will then call you at the agreed time for the video consultation. As they are integrated to the practice systems they can access your records (subject to your consent), provide prescriptions to your normal pharmacy, make referrals and, if you need it, an additional in-person urgent appointment at the surgery.

    By comparison, LIVI is not integrated and operate as a generic GP service. As such they do not have access to your detailed medical records and, as I understand it, can only deal with patient symptoms as they are presented.

    They are both NHS approved services and I guess it is possible that LIVI may become integrated at some time in the future. It is just unfortunate that LIVI seem to have caused a lot of confusion in their promotional materials suggesting they are able to do more with the practice than is currently possible.