Thank you CDRA!

A huge thank you to the Crawley Down Residents Association for the award of a grant for £295 toward the cost of a Paedeatric Pulse Oximeter for use by the clinical team at the surgery.

Most will be familiar with that device doctors clip to the end of your finger and which tells them how much oxygen is circulating in your blood. This is an adult Pulse Oximeter.

It is a very useful diagnostic to assess the health of adults but not at all easy to use with a very small infant. This is where the Paedeatric Pulse Oximeter comes into its own as it wraps around the infant’s foot and can then give good accurate measurements. NHS surgeries are not normally equipped with these devices and making this one available in the local health centre will provide patients with more accurate diagnoses without having to travel to a different place. 

The overall cost of the monitor is £540 and the rest of the funds have come from donations of the good people in and around Crawley Down, Turners Hill, Sharpthorne, Copthorne, Domewood, West Hoathly and Felbridge.

Thank you all for your awesome support!  

1 comment to Thank you CDRA!

  • Peter Dodds

    CDRA Have always been brilliant in their support for the surgery via the Friends of Crawley Down Health Centre.

    Thank you once again!

    Peter Dodds (former Chairman of Friends Of CDHC)