Our Constitution

1.         NAME

The name of the Crawley Down Health Centre (CDHC),

Patient Participation Group is ‘’Friends of the Crawley Down Health Centre”.

2.         ASSOCIATION

The ‘group’ is affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation Groups and acts in accordance with the general principles of that organisation.


To maintain and improve the standards of care and treatment of patients of the Crawley Down Health Centre.

4.         AIMS

See Terms of Reference (Appendix 1).

 5.         POWERS

In pursuance of the aims, the ‘group’ shall have the following powers: 

  • To establish a committee as prescribed in this Constitution and empower it to operate on a day to day basis.
  • To authorise committee members within a properly constituted framework to raise funds for the group’s activities.
  • To accept grants, donations and legacies of all kinds (and to accept any reasonable conditions attaching to them). 
6.         MEMBERSHIP

Membership of the Friends of The Crawley Down Health Centre shall be open to all patients of the Centre.

 7.         COMMITTEE

The committee will consist of at least five (5) and not more than fifteen (15) elected members, including the officers, (Chair or Co-Chairs, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). Every member shall have one vote.

All officers and other committee members, with the exception of the CDHC representative, shall be elected.

All members of the committee shall be nominated to serve for a two year period, after which they will retire from office at the Annual Meeting, following the date on which they were elected. However they will be eligible for re-election.

Membership of the committee shall be open to all patients of the CDHC aged 18 and over.

The committee may co-opt persons to serve in a non-voting capacity on the committee or any sub-groups.

The committee will meet 6 times a year.

Five members of the committee, including at least one officer, shall constitute a quorum.

In the absence of both the Chair and Deputy, a temporary Chair shall be appointed from the members present.

If the position of any officer is vacated, at their next meeting the committee will endeavor appoint from their number a replacement officer until the next Annual Meeting.

The committee may fill any other vacancy arising amongst its members until the next Annual Meeting.

The committee may establish one or more sub­-committees providing that all acts and proceedings of each sub-committee shall be fully recorded and promptly reported to the committee. Any sub-committee shall include at least one member of the main committee.

The Secretary shall maintain minutes of all main committee meetings and be responsible for calling a General Meeting.


The committee may at any time call a general or an extraordinary general meeting of the group, stating the business to be discussed. An extraordinary general meeting may also be called by the Secretary if a written request is received from at least 4 members of the committee. At least 14 days’ notice shall be given for a general or an extraordinary general meeting by posting a notice on the Practice notice board, website, or by any other means the committee deems appropriate.


There will be an Annual Meeting of the committee which will be held within three months following the end of a financial year. Members will be given a minimum of 21 days’ notice, by the posting of a notice on the Practice notice board and website, or by any other means the committee deems appropriate.

At the annual meeting the Treasurer will present the report and accounts of the committee for the preceding year.

10.       FINANCE

The financial year shall run from 1 April to 31 March.

The Treasurer will establish an account or accounts with a bank or other financial institution as agreed by the committee.

The committee shall appoint three members as signatories; all cheques and other instructions shall require two signatures from the three.

All monies held, raised or received by the group, belong to the group and will be applied to support its aims.

Expenses, properly incurred by members of the group in the performance of its activities, must be approved by the committee and will be reimbursed to the member against appropriate receipts or other acceptable evidence.

The Treasurer shall prepare an annual financial report and present the audited annual report and accounts to the committee for consideration. These accounts will then be presented at the Annual Meeting for approval.

11.       AMENDMENTS

Any proposal for an amendment to the Constitution will be considered at the

Annual Meeting or appropriately convened extraordinary general meeting .  A proposal must be received by the Secretary at least 28 days before the date of the meeting.  A two thirds majority of members present will be required for an amendment to be approved.


In the event of the dissolution of the group, all funds shall be donated to The CDHC Equipment Fund.


Last amended: 3rd June 2013