Our Terms of Reference

The Friends Of Crawley Down Health Centre has an established constitution here which establishes the terms of reference for this Patient Participation Group.

  1. To be familiar with the services offered by the Health Centre both by personal contact with the Doctors, Centre Management and the dedicated web-site.
  2. To make constructive suggestions to the Health Centre Management of ways of improving the operation of the Health Centre for the benefit of patients.
  3. To give patients a means by which their thoughts and suggestions can be raised and discussed with the Health Centre Management and to give them a timely response.
  4. To communicate with the patients by Email, Text, Newsletter and any other means available within the Health Centre catchment area.
  5. To review and update the Constitution and purpose and aims of the Friends of the Crawley Down Health Centre (PPG) as and when required.

The Terms of Reference are reviewed from time to time and were last amended in the June 3rd 2013 Annual Meeting.