Reminder Message From The Surgery Re Appointments And Prescriptions During New Computer Installation


On 23rd June, we will be installing a new clinical system, with greater speed, stability and functionality. We expect this to improve significantly the service we offer to you.

All staff will need to be trained on the system so please bear with us during and after the handover.


Why is the Government wasting £38.6m of Taxpayers money by enforcing the 1.6km Dispensing Pharmacy Law?

Figures have emerged that demonstrate enforcement of the law which outlaws those of us who live within a 1.6km (a mile) of a community pharmacy from using our doctor’s dispensary service is wasting taxpayers money up to the extent of £38.6m per annum.

The reason is that the doctor’s dispensary system provides a cheaper way […]

Message from the Practice about ordering Repeat Prescriptions using Online Access (Vision Online)

Dear Patients

Please note you will not be able to order your prescriptions, using Vision Online, (the web based system where, if registered, you can also book appointments), if you do not have items on repeat which have already been authorised by your GP.

However, requests can be emailed direct to our prescription team […]

A New Dispensing e-petition is launched by a Bedforshire located former Dispensing Patient

Unrest continues to spread across the country concerning the undemocratic discriminatory 1 mile rule enforced and supported by Pharmacy Minister Earl Howe.

The latest areas of focus are in North Yorkshire and Bedfordshire where Mrs Pam Fisher, secretary of her local PPG (Lower Stondon Surgery) has launched a new e-petition.

Many of you signed my […]

The 2014 ‘Dispense with the Law Campaign’ gets under way.

For those who are interested, especially the 231 of you who signed the surgery petition and then followed up with the e-petition here is some news about where the campaign is going this year.

This week I have written to 230 MPs and 22 Peers all of whom are either on the All Party Parliamentary […]

The Debate Hots Up Both North and South of The Border

For those who are interested in this topic I have recently updated the blog with current developments.

Click here to read the latest news.

You will see, as was demonstrated in the Commons debate on 20th November 2013, a growing number of MPs are beginning to call into question the absurdity of the law. With […]

Francis Maude abandons Crawley Down constituents again by once more saying ‘NO’ to backing ‘The Dispense with the Law Campaign’


In the House of Lords, on 16th May, Earl Howe made this statement:

“My Lords, there is a balance of interests here, not least the interests of the patient. We therefore need a set of rules which reflects those interests. Patients who live in a rural area can be dispensed to by their GP […]

How Earl Howe managed to get round answering what he meant when he let the ‘Cat Out of The Bag’ in the House of Lords on 16th May 2013

This is very clever! You will have to read the two letters in this link carefully because they contain some admirable, (if you like that sort of thing), Department of Health ‘Sir Humphrey Speak’!